Ven. Khenpo Tamphel - In Praise of Dharmadhātu By Nāgārjuna

Khenpo Tamphel will teach on Nagarjuna’s IN PRAISE OF DHARMATU.
This text, in which Nagarjuna explains the essence of tathagatagarbha, Buddha nature, in detail and clearly with many examples, is considered one of Nagarjuna's most important writings; it has been studied again and again in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition and commented on in-depth and detail.

Start: 27.03.2023- afterwards weekly every Monday
Time: 19:00-20:30

Khenpo Tamphel is in the USA in November. His Online Teachings will restart on December 04th 2023!

Khenpo Tamphel teaches in English.

Text In Praise of Dharmadhātu By Nāgārjuna


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