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First Hevajra Drubchen in Europe


The first Hevajra Drubchen will begin August 18 and will end August 25, 2018, with the Hevajra empowerment and teachings, after which the Drubchen will start.
This is the main practice of the Sakya Lineage. But before Milarepa it was also the main practice of the Kagyü Lineage, and it was also the main practice of Marpa Lotsawa. Only with Milarepa, who became world-famous, did the main practice shift to the Chakrasamvara Tantra, since this was Milarepa’s main practice. Because Hevajra is also practiced by other lineages, all Hevajra practitioners from other lineages are to be able to practice here as well.
Marpa journeyed to India, as did Ngyö, who founded the tradition for the Sakyapas. Marpa’s transmission derives from Naropa. A disciple of the Taklung Tradition said that in Marpa’s time there were many sadhanas, with more than a hundred Hevajra sadhanas in existence. One of them is the main Tantra composed by Marpa himself in the presence of his teacher Naropa. To this day, only one monastery practices all thirteen Mother Tantras, and a sand mandala is prepared for each of these Tantras. But it is not the monastery’s specialty. For this reason, His Holiness wishes to declare this place here to be the site where Hevajra is practiced as its specialty. His Holiness has been seeking out and researching this ancient lineage for 20 years. Now the texts are complete, together with Marpa’s footnotes and comments. For further information, please visit:


17.08.18   Registration

18.08.18   Empowerment

19.08.18   Teachings

20.-24.08.18   Drubchen

25.08.18   Firepuja & Tsog

Further information regarding registration will be distributed on time. Please don’t register via E-Mail; we can’t consider these registrations. There will be an official registration with all details.

Accommodation for August 2018:
If you already know that you will be participating in the event, we suggest to already contact the tourist office in Schneverdingen (, as in August it is very difficult to get rooms in Schneverdingen.


Announcement of H.H. Drikung Kyabgön Thinle Lhundup

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New: Vermietung von Seminar- und Tagungsräumen


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Edition Garchen Stiftung



The Edition Garchen Stiftung has begun publication of highly recommended books.


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Weekly Meditation at the MRZ




Everyone is welcome to attend regular meditations and introductory courses.


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Karma Yoga Aktivitäten des Monats




Mithilfe ist ein wertvoller Bestandteil unserer Praxis auf dem spirituellen Weg. An dieser Stelle werden wir jeden Monat anstehende  Arbeiten vermerken und uns über Unterstützung sehr freuen.


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