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There will be no Meditation in September / October

















Weekly Meditation


We offer weekly meditations for beginners and advanced practitioners, in particular from the Heidekreis area. We practice Calm Abiding together, to attain meditative stability. Everyone is warmly invited to participate. Donations are welcome.


Why Meditate?

Our mind is accustomed not only to register every sensory impression every sense impression, but also to comment, compare, and classify into good or bad. Our mind gallops like an untamed horse from one excitation to the next. If there is nothing at the outside, we create something. We quickly make a phone call, turn on the TV or surf the Internet. Immediately endless chains of thought appear, leading us gradually further away from our center. The growing number of people, who are suffering from burnout, should give us pause. Stress arises from a troubled mind.


Calm abiding, undistracted, in fresh attention is a way to calm the mind. A calmed mind enables us to control what and when we want to think, rather than be swamped by endless thoughts. Through meditation we bring the troubled and distracted mind back home. 




Announcement of H.H. Drikung Kyabgon Chetsang

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Festivities in Dehradun

 800 paranirvana


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New: Vermietung von Seminar- und Tagungsräumen


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Edition Garchen Stiftung



The Edition Garchen Stiftung has begun publication of highly recommended books.


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Weekly Meditation at the MRZ




Everyone is welcome to attend regular meditations and introductory courses.


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Karma Yoga Aktivitäten des Monats




Mithilfe ist ein wertvoller Bestandteil unserer Praxis auf dem spirituellen Weg. An dieser Stelle werden wir jeden Monat anstehende  Arbeiten vermerken und uns über Unterstützung sehr freuen.


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